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  • 16 Gold goes 3-0!

    16 Gold goes 3-0!



Teresa Morgan

I want you both to know how much our family has always looked at your club as a family!  We really feel part of something at KCJ and not just a number.  Thank you for all that you do to provide such a positive & fun learning environment for my daughters!  We love KCJ!!!

Clair Kolman

Hi Phyllis - We have moved to Texas.   I have accolades for Michelle Cook.  Michelle is one of KCJ's most valuable assets.  She is a perfect combination of tough and caring wrapped up in one fantastic coach!  Hold on to her and never let her go! Best of luck!  We will miss our KCJ family!

Terry Dohr

The Kane County Juniors Program is a program you can trust and see results during the season and also from year to year. I myself have been a coach with this program since 2013 and I have seen this program produce many quality players at a level to where they can compete competitively from middle school all the way up to college. The skills that the ladies demonstrate during a club season is second to none and this all comes back to the two main leaders and club directors of this program, KC and Phyllis Johnsen. The knowledge that these two have and implemented into the program and the coaching has given this program a big boost to move forward to a great future for any player who joins the Kane county Juniors program. Well done Johnsen's and keep it up!

Mary Alice Ernst

Our daughter is so lucky and we are beyond grateful to have found KCJ. The coaches treat her like family nurturing, encouraging , and teaching her how to be a better player and team mate.  They celebrate all her  and her teams achievements big and small. They always greet each and every player and parent with a smile and after every game and tournament whether it's celebrating the thrill of victory or agony of defeat that same warm smile and comforting reassurance makes you look forward to the next game and practice.  My daughter is always learning and developing and refining her volleyball skills thanks to the devoted coaches who are constantly working with her. She has gained confidence and knowledge of the game every  step of the way . She has matured as a person and player over the years she has been there. She has so much love for the game and respect for the players and admiration for coaches who have contributed to the happy, kind successful, smart, strong player and team mate she is today. Counting our blessings with KCJ.

Linda Bambach

I love KCJ for the family feeling we have received there for the last 6 years. I love the coaches, Phyllis and KC they make your children feel like they matter and you are just not a number. Our children have always felt special and that is because of Phyllis and KC. It is a great club and one that I will always cherish.

Bill and Barb Paschke

Kane County Jrs (KCJ) offers a truly unique club volleyball experience. KCJ respects and accommodates multi-sport athletes.  Most other clubs I researched do not. Other clubs often relegate those athletes, who do not want to specialize in volleyball alone, to their lowest tier teams. The owners at KCJ are able to create a wholesome, family atmosphere where the players and their parents feel welcome and respected. The KCJ coaches understand the importance of nurturing both the talents and the self-esteem of their athletes. KCJ makes it fun to learn and play volleyball while still maintaining a very high level of competitiveness.

Janet Stutz

Jenny is doing great. Seeing lots of playing time and loving it... thanks for your wonderful program. She was prepared for college because of all you and your coaches hard work and dedication to their players. 

John and Cindy Conte

The Kane County Jrs is a wonderful volleyball organization. The Directors (Johnsons) are great coaches and have that special ability to get the most from their players. They and their staff work well with all players, and appreciate the concerns of multi-sport athletes. Our daughter played for 5 years with them, and still maintains contact with the coaches and many players. We thoroughly enjoyed (and miss) those years, and highly recommend this organization.

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