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  • 16 Gold goes 3-0!

    16 Gold goes 3-0!


About Us

A love for the game. That's where it all starts. All of our directors, coaches and staff come from the game of volleyball in one shape or form. We have all been deeply involved in our own volleyball careers and have a desire to pass the knowledge and love for the game to the younger generations.

Kane County Jrs. Volleyball Club is a member of the Great Lakes Region Volleyball and all our staff and players are members of USA Volleyball, our governing body.

Club Volleyball is a serious commitment to the sport. The season will start on (or near) December 1st and will continue through the middle of June. Our practices are 2 times per week with 2 hour sessions for 12's, 3 times per week with 2 hour sessions for 13's & 14's, and 3 times per week with 2 hour sessions duing the week and 2.5 hours sessions on Sundays for 15's and 18's. The tournament/league season starts in January and runs through mid June for most of our teams. The 12's will participate in 1 tournament per month while the 13's through 18's will participate in 2 weekend tournaments per month. Some of our teams will have an out of state travel tournament mid season and at the end of the season. We provide an opportunity to those athletes and parents that are willing to make the commitment to the long season.

We have a policy for two sport athletes to try to best accommodate them to the best of their ability. We know conflicts will present themselves and when they do you have to make a choice. We can only ask you to be fair to both your sports/teams/coaches by spending your time equally when conflicts occur.

We have an open door policy to players that have missed a practice. You may make up your practice on any other day or with any other age group.

All our coaching staff and chaperones have passed a background check.

Our goal is to train our players to become the best they can be.

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